Monday, November 15, 2010

The New Kawasaki ER-6N 2011

The ER-6n uses softer springs and damping settings than its Neither camp will be particularly inaccurate, but to each their own. While some may find it edgy and aggressive, others will find its appearance curiously akin to an arachnid. Opinions of the ER-6n’s fairing free mug will likely find themselves divided into two columns aptly named, love it and hate it.

With all of the apparent similarities between these two siblings however, the biggest dissimilarity between the two is in the body work, or lack thereof in the case of the ER-6n. The Twin motor changed slightly for ’09 as well, with revised ECU mapping and the addition of a larger airbox that are naturally passed on to the 2011 model. The similarities don’t stop there, as both bikes also use the same 649cc parallel twin powerplant. The ER-6n (n for naked) shares the same steel trellis frame, offset lay down rear single shock with adjustable pre load, and tubular steel swingarm as the 650R, which was designed to This revised balance over previous 650Rs allows a degree of flexibility for improved handling, and is almost as light as a comparable aluminum alloy frame.

This bike has a maximum power 8500rpm and maximum 71.07hp torque of 66nm 6700rpm. liters capacity tank is 15:50. This box comes with Kawasaki’s regular six speed gear. 2011 Kawasaki ER-6n will of come in a variety of Different colors like Black, red, blue, white and many mores. Its Should weight be 173 Kg. That kind of naked bikes.  This motorcycle comes with a 649cc engine.

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