Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Epic Sports Cars EV Torq Electric Vehicles

Epic is one young firm, originally American, based in California, has already spawned three vehicles electric, a road, a hybrid, and now a sports car. Epic Electric Vehicles has announced the development of a three-wheeled sports cars that runs on three wheels (two front and one rear) to take you on a wonder ride, powered entirely by an on-board electric engine. The company has already produced a couple of electric vehicles and the sports car is the latest addition to their lineup. Created by California-based Company Epic, the “EV Torq” as its name suggests is an electric sports cars.
Epic Sports Cars EV Torq Electric Vehicles
US-based company Epic has developed a three-wheeler sports cars, dubbed the EV Torq, which is completely electric-powered. The automobile is powered by a 200hp electric motor, which gets its energy from a 30 kWh lithium iron phosphate batteries. The Epic Sports Cars EV Torq Electric Vehicles has got an open design with chassis that is barely covered along the top. What’s more, there’s an open interior equipped with cup-holders, digital dash display and an i-Phone holder.
Stand outside the front lights, front wing, the imposing tires, seat blue, the body open (triangles), and many details that come to a sports cars. The Epic reminds a lot to the Ariel Atom, although this has four wheels.
The trike/car usually weighs 771 kilograms, which isn’t unequivocally all which light in a universe of kit-car lookalikes. But this Torq is powered by the 150kW electric engine so there’s no possibility of sluggish acceleration. Mated to a single-speed delivery – including a retreat rigging – the motor is pronounced to be capable of pulling by from any speed.
Epic Sports Cars EV Torq Electric Vehicles
No official acceleration times have been available yet though a trike/car is expected to be ‘fast’. Providing the energy is the lithium iron phosphate battery container that can be charged by the 110/220 volt hollow, or the required 240 volt Australian hollow.
The company has adopted an open design where the chassis is barely covered along the top. The interior is spartan and has also been kept to its basics, with seats for two passengers, a digital dash display, two cup holders and an in-car entertainment system. The flat-bottomed Momo racing wheel is devoid of buttons while controls for turn signals and lights are in a module to the drivers left. Of course, having no windshield means no need for wipers or their switches. Speed and other necessary info is located on a small screen straight ahead of the driver.
Epic is planning to unveil the two-seater sports cars by the end of 2010.
Epic Sports Cars EV Torq Electric Vehicles

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