Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Suzuki Katana Blak End White 2010

The Suzuki Katana's are primarily restricted mostly in the exhaust, so in the very early models it requires binning and replacing with When the liquid cooled Suzuki Katana is tuned it is practically untouchable against all the other 50cc scooters on the market in these times, it'll only loose out on longer roads where speeds of 50mph+ can be acheived by other LC scooters. Although some people see the Suzuki Katana's low gearing as a problem, it is also the scooters greatest strength, with blisteringly fast acceleration, most other scooters will struggle to keep up with it in an urban environment, as even when others are tuned and kitted up with performance parts they'll still struggle to match the Suzuki Katana's 0-30 times.

One notable feature of the Suzuki Katana's are their very low gearing, which means the engine does more revolutions per wheel revolution compared to other scooters, this provides very quick acceleration but a lower top speed, even on tuned engines, most other derestricted scooters can keep up on top speed, but will struggle to match a race tuned Suzuki Katana on shear acceleration.

Early Suzuki Katana's had the Suzuki air cooled engine in them, whilst later Suzuki Katana's had Suzuki's new liquid cooled engine, and where designated AY50R for the race production version.  One of the earlier race inspired scooters by Suzuki, featuring upside-down Showa forks and Carbon fibre look dash panels, the Suzuki Katana was an instant hit and quickly became popular for tuning, with plenty of performance race parts from Malossi and numerous other manufacturers.

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