Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yamaha MT 03 2010

The Its cylinder liner is ceramic-composite, allowing reduced wear and good heat dissipation. To keep the engine temperature down and the lubrication up even in extremely hot conditions, it has an oil cooler. It also has a DC-CI Dignition system, delivering a stable spark at any rpm level. It is equipped with a 29mm Mikuni carburetor which gives an easy throttle pull but outstanding throttle response.

It has a light yet powerful 249cc, SOHC, 4-stroke single which produces a deep and broad powerband. When you take a closer look at its engine, you won't be disappointed either. Best of all, it is the lightest in its class. Its 19-inch tires on its rear promises an excellent traction. It also possesses the longest suspension and the lowest seat among its class, making it ideal for sport handling.

It also has a durable engine which starts with a simple push-button trigger. Its five-speed manual transmission is class exclusive and has a gear suitable for almost all terrains. The Yamaha Raptor 250R boasts an aggressive and powerful raptor style that gives it maximum performance. Let's talk about its key features first. What are the features of this Yamaha ATV than can wipe the floor with all the other ATV models on it?

But let's go dig deeper and tackle its properties one by one. Many have speculated that the only thing that changed is the addition of reservoir shocks and that the frames are not an improvement from the past Yamaha TVs.  A lot has been said about the 2011 Yamaha Raptor 250R.

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