Saturday, September 18, 2010

Honda CB 500 2010

In my previous blog post titled - How to make money online fast - I spoke of review affiliate marketing as one But having said all that, actually both product 1 and 2 are almost the same thing. It was good marketing in my opinion. There was some good information for beginners in there. I enjoyed watching the videos in which the creator explained what he would do to re-establish his wealth if he went bankrupt the next day with nothing to his name but $500.

My first impression of the first product was better. After all, quite a few internet marketing gurus were promoting this particular product heavily. But of course I decided to continue reading it and eventually even bought the product just to see what lay beneath the hype. From experience, products with such hype in their sales copy are usually just that - hype.

The creator of the first product had a very interesting question put forward to his potential customers - "If I were made a bankrupt tomorrow and left with nothing but $200 to my name, and I had no list (of customers), no product, no nothing, what would I do to make $500?" The creator of the second product is irritatingly hypey - "Devastating 'hands off' marketing secret weapon makes $19,521.06 a month in just 18 clicks!" On first impression, I instinctively wanted to banish the 2nd product and discontinue reading it. They are both similar in nature although they were presented in very different ways.  Recently 2 products came to my attention.

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