Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ducati Monster 2010

The end result was a new look that makes the Monster prowl and gives it Eventually I bought a bracket that cleaned everything up and was frankly a lot simpler than trying to tweak my own. However, I was not able to create the clean finished look that I wanted. It was alot of fun and I enjoyed the creative process. All you need is a hacksaw, 4 small "L" brackets and some small nuts and bolts.

It made me feel manly to stick it to the man and make my own tailchop, You can do your own with basic parts from the hardware store. My first chop was done with spare parts and brackets. It actually requires more guts than skill. It's a simple process that any wannabe shop mechanic can do. Make it a true Monster.

Disfigure it! Cut the tail, chop the frame, eliminate the fender, whatever you want to call it. Release the beast from the excess plastic and junk that have been the mark of domestication. If you would like to give some dignity back to your beloved Monster then its time to remove its mark of civility. Much like getting a mongrel from the pound you have to collar, license and tag and put the poor thing on a leash.

Then something terrible happened in the name of regulation, the rear fender was designed from my daughters Barbie bicycle and the beast was tamed.  It's not supposed to be pretty, its misshapen and bare, taking to the streets with attitude and performance to match.

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