Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Aprilia RS 50 Replica 2010

The rear braking system is also of an extremely high level, thanks to a 220 mm diameter stainless steel disk and a powerful single the twin pot calliper is combined with a 280 mm diameter stainless steel disk. The front braking system guarantees prompt, safe and standard-setting braking. The 35 mm diameter hydraulic front fork with wheel travel of 110 mm guarantees reliability, safety and high performance.

Attractive and efficient, the rear double swingarm optimises the efficiency of the rear suspension, characterised by the new single hydraulic shock absorber with wheel travel of 120 mm. the Aprilia RS 50 is the only standard 50 cc motorbike to adopt this technological feature. However Aprilia's absolute masterpiece in creating this project is the extraordinary die-cast aluminium frame. The technology applied to this exceptional product is truly at a high level, from the two-stroke single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, characterised by lamellar intake and a balancing countershaft, to the six ratio gearbox and lubrication with separate mixing and variable flow positive displacement pump. The 13 litre capacity offers remarkable riding range.

The attractive and extremely practical petrol tank incorporates the petrol cock with mechanical reserve. The front wheel has a diameter of 17". The design of the five spoke light alloy wheels further characterises this Aprilia proposal, reducing its weight. Characterised by a double 35 Watt bulb, visibility and safety is greatly improved and the weight of the front is reduced (thanks to the transparent plastic shield), considerably benefiting riding precision.The front head light reinforces the sporty aggressive look of this 50 cc motorbike.

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