Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Aprilia RS 125 Tuning 2010

Paddock stand - invaluable if you plan Haynes Manual - saves your money and you get to learn about your bike. Wheel tape - looks good. New screen - looks nicer than the stock one.

Chain and sprocket kit looks nice and better transmission of power. Air filter - raspier sound from your engine. Reed kit - faster throttle response. Carburettor - 34mm carb needed for full derestriction 4. Powervalve kit - needed to derestrict your bike 3.

New exhuast - on bikes made after 2003 there is a restriction in the down pipe 2. Here's the top 12 Aprilia RS 125 accessories as recommended by Aprilia RS 125 Tuning: 1. Keep your bike light and focus on getting a bit more from the engine. If you want to be taken seriously by the biking community, then you'll need to play to your bike's strengths. However, while straight line speed isn't the Aprilia RS 125's major strength, its light weight offers wicked handling and you'll be able to barrel through the corners when others have to throw out the anchors.

That means that you can be beaten off the lights by some big scooters. The RS 125 can offer 0-60mph in about 70mph and a top end of about 100mph. Don't tart it up too much and you should get a lot more from it. Its important to remember that the bike is lightweight and should be kept this way.  If you've got cash for Aprilia RS 125 accessories, the choices are endless.

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