Friday, February 19, 2010

Nissan NV 2500 Best Car

Nissan NV 2500

the Nissan NV2500 Concept is designed for construction use. It bears the logo of Habitat for HumanityÒ only to illustrate the partnership between Nissan and Habitat. Over the past three years, Nissan has donated $3 million in cash, vehicles and house sponsorships, along with thousands of hours of work volunteered by Nissan employees.the NV2500 Concept, with its unique configuration and array of features, could be used in infinite ways by infinite users.
The Best new products are being developed by Nissan specifically for the North American market and will be built at Nissan's manufacturing facility in Canton, Miss. Nissan is investing $118 million to expand Canton's production to manufacture CVs.

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